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May Pet of the Month-  Flora

Our pet of the month for May is Flora a companion Meyers parrot.  Flora is 15 years-old, yes she hatched during the SLC Winter Olympics.  She came home to live with Bonnie on Memorial Day 2002.  She has been an incredibly sweet companion.  Flora is a very special bird, who began having health issues in late 2003, when she began to have episodes of severe vomiting.  Dr Folland has been kind, gentle and very attentive to Flora's medical needs and it doens't hurt that her companion human is an expert nurse.  She has undergone Xrays, upper GI series, scans, three surgeries, and many blood tests.  Through it all, Flora has maintained her sweet, understanding nature.  She has never tried to bite the doctor, even though she would probably like to do so.  Flora also gives back-Bonnie is said to be the best preened human in Salt Lake City.  Flora is fully-flighted and soars around the house after her "flock".  Because of her sweet and forgiving nature, in spite of lifelong health issues, Flora was voted our May Pet of  the Month.