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November Pet-of-the-Month: Max


   We found Maxwell wandering around our apartment complex in 2016. It was rainy and cold, and he was shivering and wet. Feeling bad, we tried to coax him into coming into the apartment with us so we could warm him and feed him. He instantly wanted to be pet and get attention. Going around, asking if anyone was missing a cat, we found out he was a straight up stray. No chips. Nothing. 

    Maxwell literally wandered into our lives and we are happy he did. We don't know exactly, but we think he is three.  He is our little buddy, albeit our problem child, but a good little guy nonetheless. He is always wanting lovins, to play or get attention in one way or another. Sometimes it's dragging his favorite shoelace, winding through our legs til we almost trip, or just staring at you with his huge blue, Puss-in-boots eyes til he gets what he wants. Quite the cuddle bug, he comes and sleeps with us every night (again, now that he's used to Bella, our pupper). He is a purr monster, he'll fall asleep on our chest and we can feel his deep little rumble go on and on til he goes limp as a rag doll and is out like a light. 

     Maxwell is our problem child, as far as being a brat to his siblings sometimes he's also had some health issues. We almost lost him once, but Parrish Creek did everything they could and now he is healthier than ever and we couldn't be happier with him.

A day in the life of Maxwell: 

1.) Me and sister wake dads up by crawling all over their faces and yelling for breakfast. 

2.) Scarf down mine and my sister's food, if puppy sister doesn't get to it first. 

3.) Drag my shoelace to dads and start yelling for playtime or running around chasing sister for play (attack) time. 

4.) At least once, get the zooms and dart around the house like a bat outta hell because I can. Or the house is haunted I don't know which. 

5.) Waits "patiently" for dads to get home from work. 

6.) As soon as dads walk in the door, I sit and wait on the back of the couch for lovin' and attention. If they don't pay attention to me I follow them around til they do! 

7.) Me and sister start yelling for dinner, even if it's only 4:30 in the afternoon... because we're hungry. ALL the time. 

8.) See #2

9.) As soon as dads sit down or get in bed I crawl into their lap because it's my spot. I have to sit in my spot. 

10.) Fall asleep on dad's chest because it's my spot. I have to sleep in my spot. 

11.) See #1