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October Pet of the Month- Meiko & Tenshi

Meet Mieko & Tenshi.  These sweet girls are ferrets aka fuzzys, fuzzbutts, weasels, dancing dookers or little bandits, just to name a few.  Mieko is an albino, while Tenshi is a warm, light chocolate.  What could be more fun than having one ferret?  Why, having two!  It not only doubles the ferret fun factor, but brings happiness and laughter into our lives with their playful energy, endless curiosity, and silly antics.  Brought together as cage mates at three months of age, they became instant best friends.  When not roaming free in the ferret-proof zone of our home, they share a multi-level cage where they hang out and cuddle up together, sleeping several hours a day.

A favorite activity for Mieko & Tenshi is racing through their tunnel-of-tubes, either chasing one another or coming face-to-face in a ferret dual of wills, tails wagging and puffed.  They can be insistent and persistent.  Especially when Mieko insists their beloved snake be hidden behind the TV stand, all the while Tenshi feels it belongs under the bed.  It's quite hilarious to watch them run back and forth, snake in mouth, to their predetermined destination!  While Mieko likes to give kisses and cuddle with us, Tenshi would rather chase her mouse-on-a-string  toy or snorkel face first in a tub of water.  

Even at five and a-half, these senior girls still love to be busy, busy.  Hiding their favorite toys or our personal belongings is one of their well-practiced pastimes.  If we can't find a tennis shoe or a slipper, no worries.  As long as we know the secret hiding place, we will find them.  Of course, they love to help with chores--emptying the wastebaskets, unrolling the paper towels across the room, or clearing items from the nightstand.

What makes these fuzzys and most other ferrets so special is they are undeniably adorable, extremely affectionate, entertain themselves endlessly, and, most notably, provide us with their unconditional love.  Not only will they steal your stuff, they are guaranteed to steal your heart as well!!!