Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

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Feline Care at Parrish Creek

Cats are the second most common household pets in the US. They are also the second most common pets we see. We at Parrish Creek feel they deserve the best possible care and our recommendations for their care are set up accordingly.

The First Visit

When you first bring your cat into Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic a technician will take a history, answer any questions you may have about your cat, and discuss general recommendations for cats. Next, the doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam, reviewing all the major body systems including heart and lungs, eyes, mouth, muscle condition, skin and hair coat, etc. Based on the history and physical exam, the doctor will make specific recommendations for your cat. The technician assigned to assist you will then send home a binder for you to keep all of your cat?s records of health inspection. The binder includes husbandry information and specific recommendations for your cat typed up for future reference.


Cats are carnivorous, meaning they eat animal protein, not plants. There are many cat foods available now. We will provide you with specific recommendations for your cat?s diet, as well as housing, vaccinations, oral health, parasite prevention, and other preventative care as part of your visit. We can also provide you with information about socialization, grooming, and spaying/neutering.


It is not always possible to tell how cats are feeling by looking at them, even with a thorough physical examination. Some cats are very easy going and refuse to tell you if something hurts. Others will react to everything whether painful or not. They also don?t tell us what they have been eating or investigating in the yard. Some cats like to go exploring the neighborhood. Many problems cats can develop can show up in their blood long before they show any physical symptoms. For this reason we recommend all cats have yearly blood screening (complete blood count and chemistry panel), yearly intestinal parasite test, initial Feline Leukemia and FIV testing, and appropriate vaccinations. This allows us to detect problems early when they are most treatable, and prevent certain diseases from ever gaining hold.


Parasites that humans can contract from cats include roundworms, hookworms, Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasmosis and Giardia. We are susceptible to the bacterial Infection Campylobacter, the virus Rabies, Cat Scratch Fever (Bartonellosis), ringworm (a fungus), and the skin parasite Sarcoptic mange(scabes). Most of these can be prevented by good hygiene (washing hands before eating) and by having testing and prevention done for your cat. More information is available at our clinic.


Services we offer for your cat here at Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic include:

  •   Diet education
  •   Microchip
  •   Nail trims
  •   Vaccinations
  •   Dental care including teeth cleaning, extractions, dental x-rays, root planning and root canals.
  •   In-house laboratory allows us to run complete blood count?s (CBC?s), chemistries, cytology, and parasite testing
  •   Ultrasound
  •   Radiology (X-rays)
  •   Endoscopy
  •   Fluid therapy (including IV capability)
  •   Oxygen therapy
  •   In-house Pharmacy
  •   Pain control
  •   Disease screening
  •  A modern surgical suite where we can perform surgery, electrosurgery and cryosurgery (freezing) with rigorous anesthetic monitoring by the doctor and trained technicians.