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Yes, mosquitos bite anytime of the day if disturbed. If the day tends to be on the cooler side, this may increase their activity.

Yes, even if you don't see mosquitos, that doesn't mean they are not present. There is no way to effectively protect your dog from mosquito bites. Although there are insect repellents for dogs, they can't provide the protection necessary to prevent heartworms. The Utah Department of Agriculture and the American Heartworm Society both state that Utah has reported cases of heartworms, with the majority of cases occuring in Northern Utah.

It is recommended that your pet be protected year round. Due to the unpredictable weather in our area, we never really know when "mosquito season" starts and ends. Also, if you travel with your pet you may not know if the area where you traveling is high risk or not. Heartworm disease is spreading to new regions of the country each year. In our area, there is also a risk for intestinal parasites. Nationwide, 34% of dogs are infested with gastrointestinal parasites. Roundworms are present in most area of the U.S. To prevent environmental contamination, all puppies and kittens should be routinely dewormed and then placed on a monthly heartworm preventative with efficacy against roundworms. The American Heartworm Society, the Companion Animal Parasite Council,and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention all agree that heartworm products that also have activity against roundworms should be administered year-round.

This diagram shows the lifecycle for the heartworm in dogs. As the diagrams shows, heartworm larva have occasionally been found in humans but the infection and the disease does not progress.

Heartworm preventatives contain medications considered safe and can save your pet from serious heartworm related disease as well and reduce the risk of infestation with intestinal parasites. Because of the cost to treat, the negative effects of heartworm disease on your dog, and the difficulty of treatment, prevention is much preferred.

Heartworm preventatives are dispensed by prescription only. One should preceed with caution when purchasing medications over the internet. In most cases the product sold by these companies does not come directly from the manufacturer. The internet or large boxstore pharmacy aquires the medications using a technique called product diversion. This means the medications are purchased by a veterinarian who turns around and sells to the internet or boxstore pharmacy. As soon as the medication has gone through an unapproved middle man ( the veterinarian) it is no longer supported by the company. In other words, the manufacturer will no longer stand behind the product should there be an adverse reaction or failure of the medication to perform as expected. If you choose to purchase online, watch out for the following red flags:

Pharmacies claiming you don't need a prescription from your doctor

Claiming they have a veterinarian on staff that can write a prescription ( This is illegal)

Claiming to be members of the NABP(Nations Association of Boards of Pharmacy)

Order only from a site that is a VIPPS-accredited pharmacy(Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites). The safest option for your pet is to establish a relationship with your veterinarian to examine your dog or cat every 6 months and receive a heartworm preventative from a trusted source.