Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

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Pre-surgical Preparation

A pre-surgical exam should be completed within a week of the procedure.  If it has been longer than a week, an exam will be perform the day of surgery prior to the procedure.  Pre-surgical blood screening should be completed before the procedure.  Generally, a health screen done within the last year is adequate although older animals or those with underlying conditions should be screened closer to the time of surgery.  This can be discussed with the doctor or technician.  If for some reason the blood screening has not been completed, it can be performed the day of surgery in our in-house lab.  Vaccinations should be up-to-date or can be updated at the time of surgery.  If you have questions please speak to the attending technician or the doctor.


Fasting prior to surgery

Generally, dogs and cats should be fasted prior to anesthesia by withholding food and water after midnight the night before surgery. There are some exceptions for certain underlying disease conditions such as diabetes.  Please discuss this with the doctor or technician.  Ferrets and birds should be fasted no longer than 4 hours prior to surgery.  Small mammals need not be fasted.  If you have questions please call.


Admission and visiting policies

For most procedures, we ask that your pet be admitted into the hospital between 8am and 9am the day of surgery.  Once the procedure is completed we will call with a report on how your pet is doing and set up a pick up time.  In most cases it is best that you not plan to visit your pet during outpatient surgery.  We find this tends to unnecessarily upset pets if they cannot accompany you when you leave the hospital.  If there is a hospital stay following the procedure, then we invite you to visit your pet but ask that you call before making your visit.