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Reptile Care at Parrish Creek


Reptile care is one of our passions.  We have considerable experience in the medicine and surgery of reptiles.  Continuing education is foundation of our approach to reptile care and we educate our clients in the most current recommendations for proper reptile husbandry and feeding.



The unique physiology of reptiles makes them highly dependent on environmental conditions.  Unlike mammals, they have a limited ability to adapt to changing environments.  Therefore, maintenance of their health is dependent on their keepers to provide the proper temperature, humidity and substrate in their enclosure.  Many reptiles such as bearded dragons and corn snakes relatively easy to keep because they are not too demanding in their husbandry requirements.  Others such as the old world chameleons and green tree pythons have much more exacting requirements to keep them happy.  Proper diet is also essential and some reptiles have challenging diets to provide.  We have a wealth of information in regards to the proper care, feeding and husbandry needs of reptiles, which we share with you on your visit to the clinic.  For the more rare species, we will do the research necessary to be sure you have the information you need.


Recognizing when a reptile is sick can be a real challenge.  They tend to not exhibit a lot of external signs of illness.  Left unnoticed, the illness can progress to a critical stage.  We recommend an annual physical exam and sometime blood work to assure good health.  Our goal it to detect disease in its earliest state.



Zoonosis are diseases communicable to humans from animals.  The most important zoonotic disease in reptiles is salmonella.  Most reptiles harbor this bacteria as part of their normal flora.  Humans get sick by accidentally ingesting the bacteria.  To prevent this, we recommend  always washing your hands after handling reptiles.  Never allow your reptile to have access to food preparation or eating areas.  Young children and the elderly are most susceptible to infection.  If you have questions or concerns about salmonella and your reptile, please call us. 



In order to diagnose and treat your reptile's medical problems, we have many resources at our disposal including:

  • In-house laboratory
  • Digital radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Complete surgical suite, where we can perform sterile surgical procedures, including radiosurgery and cryosurgery) with careful anesthetic monitoring by trained doctors and technicians.

    Teko's Story
    Teko is a   8 1/2 year old  green iguana, who has been a patient at Parrish Creek since she was only two months old.  In April 2007, Teko was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer.  After a visit to cancer specialists at the veterianary college at Colorado State University, where she received radiation therapy, she returned to Parrish Creek for chemotherapy.  She visited the clinic every week over a year for treatments and monitoring.  She required several major surgeries along with chemotherapy.   It has been several years since her diagnosis and she is in remission.   Her case was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and is the first reported successful treatment of lymphoma in a reptile.

    Princess Teko holding a